King's Korner Catering & Restaurants Mobile Kitchens

Why Use a Mobile Kitchen?

Depending on the type of event, we may recommend using one of our two legal mobile kitchens. That’s right, we don’t just bring our innovative menu to your event, we bring the entire kitchen and our experienced staff too! Our mobile kitchens are equipped with everything we need to prepare and serve made-to-order King’s Korner favorites onsite. Fun and familiar, we’re easy to pick out in a crowd and ever so eager to please.

What are some highlights of your Mobile Kitchen units?

This is nothing like your typical concession stand. We have outfitted this showstopper with every needed feature from drink dispensers and compartment sinks to deep fryers, steam tables and a refrigeration unit. This gives our staff the ability to prepare meals as gourmet and fresh as you would find in any fine restaurant. Both of our mobile kitchens are licensed, insured and meet health department regulations.

With incredible capacity and versatility, we are now able to offer you the event of your dreams almost anywhere you would like! From the middle of a pasture to your very own driveway, we can bring your guests the most incredible cuisine almost anywhere. Food can be served from the mobile kitchen or can be served “buffet style” in chaffing dishes outside the mobile kitchen for larger groups. All we need is a 30 ft. x 20 ft. space with 13 ft. overhead clearance to impress your guests.

Our mobile kitchens are a professionally staffed, fully-stocked restaurant on wheels that’s ready to get trucking and turn heads at your next event.

The King’s Korner Catering Guarantee

With more than 30 years in the catering and restaurant business; with a proud history of successfully catering functions and thousands of loyal customers, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is one of the few in Central Virginia. King’s Korner Catering and Restaurant guarantees the quantity and quality of foods, congeniality of staff and punctuality. Being a family-owned business, our focus is to insure that our customers are 100% Satisfied with our food and services. – This is a Kings Korner Catering and Restaurant Guarantee!